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Cover Article : Feature Last Updated: Aug 13th, 2009 - 16:37:17

Dee Brown's Debut As Smooth Jazz Guitarist In "No Time To Waste"
By Kim Betton,
Jun 1, 2009, 09:31

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Take a stop by Dee Brown's Place and you'll tap into his latest CD "No Time To Waste" on the Nu Groove label. This masterful collection of tunes highlighting the smooth jazz guitarist is right on time from top to bottom. It offers a nice break from the bustling day and dives into a stress free zone with tunes such as "Sunday Jazz" and "Beautiful Melodic." The recording also takes you flying high with the "Wings of Love," and brightens your day with up beat tempos in the song "Confessions," and many other fabulous favorites. "No Time to Waste" is an inspirational CD. I want it to remind fans that God is there for us at all times," Brown told
Dee Brown - No Time to Waste

The Detroit native has an in depth reach with this recording. Its message is profoundly powerful and Brown's spiritual experience plays a major role in the foundation of his work. Brown is a dedicated musician at the 1st Baptist World Changers International Ministry, the sister church to World Changers in Atlanta where Dr.Creflo Dollar is pastor. He lifts up spirits in "No Time to Waste" through love and commitment to a higher power. "The CD has over tones reminding us that God is there for us," said Brown. "When you listen to the song "No Time To Waste," it refers to not having anytime to waste on deciding which way you want to go. You either want to go with the Lord or you are wavering. So the song is telling you to make up your mind, get a direction - and go into the right direction which is the way of the Lord," he added.

Brown grew up around gospel, jazz, and ofcourse the rhythm and blues of Motown. Brown said his parents' zest for good music and graces led him to where he is today. "Growing up in Detroit - you can't help but be impacted by Motown in some kind of way," he said. "That magic that Motown had with all those phenomenal artists is so rewarding." Brown says his main influence, however, was the jazz from his late father. "My father was also a musician and played jazz everyday all day," replied Brown. "As a kid I would listen to Charlie Parker, Wes Montgomery, Miles Davis, and my father," he said. "Then on the other hand my mother would listen to the Motown sounds like The Four Tops, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross and The Supremes. I kind of received both aspects of the music. So hearing that music all my life has impacted me on the music that I actually write and produce today."

A team of masterful musicians make up the "No Time To Waste" recording and Brown is grateful. "When I came up with the idea of going solo the very first person to come to mind was Gerald Mitchell. As you know, I am also a church musician and Gerald is a very good musician/song writer/producer and arranger. So I decided to call on Gerald whom I've known for years. From Gerald, I met a saxophone player - Dezi McCullers Jr. who is the son of Dezi McCullers Sr. -who played on many Motown hits here in Detroit. I also met up with a vocalist - Gerard Brooks who sang in our church. Also our praise and worship leaders Reggie and Ayisha Williams were all apart of the project. These are the people I have been playing with for a while."
Dee Brown - Smooth Jazz Guitarist

The music doesn't stop in the studio and the sanctuary for Dee Brown. His love of gospel and jazz has called him to reach out to young aspiring musicians - teaching them what he knows best. "Reaching out to young people is so important to me, Brown said. "It is also important to keep the music in our schools. Music is very important to students who are attracted to learning it. Music is actually another way of looking at life; it tells you about life in a sense. Music is a way of communication and expressing yourself on your instrument. Music is essential and it has also been documented that students who are actually musicians are better learners and understand various concepts in lessons and life," replied Brown. "My joy is to help someone do something that they are trying to do and if I can do that - then that is what my reward is."

Track Listing

1. Blue Street
2. No Time To Waste
3. Confessions
4. Sunday Jazz
5. Dee Brown's Place
6. Before I Began
7. Reunited
8. El Spanyo
9. Wings Of Love
10. Call Me Up
11. Beautiful Melodic

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