The Cross Hart Jazz Experience Wowing Crowds in West Hollywood
By Staff Writer
Dec 1, 2005, 15:42

Thundering base beats, dynamic drums, smooth vocals and musical vibes that soar into your soul - that is what the "Cross Hart Jazz Experience" offers the jazz lover. Bassist-music director Ryan Cross and drummer Lorca Hart celebrated the new release at West Hollywood's posh Bel Age Hotel. With standing room only, fans at the star-studded event enjoyed a live concert by the jazz duo and special guests. For many it was a night to remember. "We heard Ryan our first time last year when he was in Denmark," chanted Anka Iuhe. "We are also having a nice time visiting here in Los Angeles. This event is absolutely great, she said. "I like their energy and they are young, said Jamal Jones, a fan from Los Angeles. "There are many young people in here and Ryan is pulling them out. He's young. He's a showman and entertainer.

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Cross and Hart have been a team for six years. Cross told it all started in his high school band and moved to college at the at the University Southern California where he also studied music. From there his interest led him to Southern California jazz. "We come from a great history in Los Angeles - Central Avenue jazz in fact."

Several guest artists played a major role in making this album a success including Justo Almario on tenor sax, Zane Musa on alto sax, Josh Nelson on piano, Cynthia Felton and Toni Peete on vocals. "It's such a great experience for me," said Peete. "Everyone who worked on this project is so gifted and talented. It is such a beautiful thing for Ryan and Larco to share their talent with me and allowing me to share mine with them."

The jazz duo plays at the Bel Age Hotel on Mondays. "Having the love for the music first and then the love for us is an extra whip cream on the top," expressed Cross. "It's just an amazing plus because these people are jazz fans and our great friends."

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