Susheela Rahman
By Michael Quinney
Nov 19, 2006, 10:28

If you enjoy the sultry sounds of Sade or the sensuous sounds of Sinade O'Connor then you will love Susheela Raman. This is the third album by the talented London born south Indian native by way of Tamil parents who were raised in Australia. "Music For Crocodiles" is the title of this CD and is both more English and more Indian than either SALT TRAIN or LOVE TRAP, those are her first two CD releases.

The album is produced by guitarist Sam Mills who is renowned for his work with African and Bangladeshi musicians. The heart of this album is Ramans own composition The Same Song which puts you in the mind set of Billie Holidays Strange Fruit. But the albums stage is set right from the start from track number 1 called What Silence Said. Ramans voice here serves notice of an artist entering her prime. Her singing is richer and stronger than ever before, just listen to the amazing one-take performance on Chorudiya.

Its difficult to say where the Indian, African, and European elements begin and end; everything overlaps and intermingles and if you listen to my two favorite tracks L'Ame Volatile, and Sharavana you will hear why Susheela one of the most original and talent artist around today. Her music embraces the essence of what life should be when it is recorded and that should include stories from our life, musical and cultural experiences.

So sit back and relax and get ready to take a world musical ride with SUSHEELA RAMAN.
This CD is a must for music lovers, we are all crocodiles with an voracious appetite for real music, its feeding time.

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