By Kim Betton,
Dec 22, 2007, 13:36

Jeff Golub's "Grand Central" on the Nerada Jazz lable, is action packed with a festive jazz funk straight out of New York -and that's just the route the sax artist wanted to take as he produced his latest recording. "There aren't many smooth jazz artists who live in New York, so I decided to embrace New York and its sounds," Golub told

"When I was five I began to play the piano then picked up the guitar when I was 9 an stayed with it. I felt I could express myself. I knew I just had some kind of gift. Growing up in Montreal, Canada, the blues and jazz scene influenced me and had a lasting impact."

Jeff Golub

Commenting on the impromtu jazz that flows throughout the big city of dreams, Golumb added that he wanted a band to colaborate improvision. "I am very proud of this record. I think there is a good spirit that surrounds this project," he said. "We cut most of it live and it was primarily done in two days here in New York."

Like the Big Apple's jazz scene, Grand Central bounces with straight-ahead jazz grooves. The beats rock and Jeff is jamming to cuts that will keep you snapping, tapping and vibing throughout the entire recording!

Cuts on the CD are:
Hello Betty
Lulu's Back
If You Want Me To Stay
Grand Central
Aint No Woman Like The One I Got
The Way I Feel Tonight
Stuffin' It

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